Quadrille Fabrics - China Seas Sigourney Wallpaper

Quadrille designer wallpapers are a favorite here at Shop Maddie G. Easily, the most popular pattern for some time in terms of purchases has been Quadrille's Sigourney wallpaper by China Seas. Here are a couple of images of the wallpaper used by top interior designers.

Interior Design by Chango & Co

Quadrille offers custom colors and many designers tend to go that route. The process is pretty simple and just requires paint chips for color matching, a 20% uncharge and a $100 strike off fee which allows you the option to approve the colors before the order is printed.

However, a very popular standard blue color for consumers is the Quadrille China Seas Navy on White Wallpaper.

Design by Ashley Goftorth | Photography by Michael Hunter.

Probably in a tie for most popular color way of the paper we see customers purchasing is the Quadrille China Seas Sigourney Wallpaper in Gray on White.

With the popularity of the paper which can be found easily by a google image search gracing the covers of design magazines, interior designer portfolios, Pinterest and blogs you would think we would be tired of seeing this pattern. However, our founder has recently installed Sigourney in Windsor Blue in her dining room (professional shots to come).

Have you used the paper in your own home? Send us a photo (customerservice @ shopmaddieg . com), we would love to see it!

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